Backpackers Refugio Del Mochilero is the place to stay in Ushuaia if you are a bicycle tourer.  Be warned, word of mouth ensures this hostel is booked out weeks in advance.  All bicyle tourers however are guaranteed a place to sleep, even if it’s full when you arrive.  Paula Martinez understands its difficult as a cycle tourer to know exactly the date of arrival and doesn’t want you to be stuck in Ushuaia.  She has a great understanding of the cycle tourer and one day she too hopes to cycle the world with her friend just as we do.  Paula has lots tips and routes she will share with you and was an invaluable source to me for deciding my route.


There is a special outdoor area which is under cover for bicycles.  The corridor of the hostel is wide enough so on arrival you can just wheel your bicycle straight to the storage area without having to take off bags.  This area is secure and you can leave your belongings as they are whilst you head for the kitchen or shower – whichever you need most!  This area is a great space to carry out bicycle repairs and sorting through gear out of the rain and wind without worrying about getting things dirty


There is an area to pitch tents and this is reserved solely for the bicycle tourer.  The cost is 100 pesos.  There are drying lines here although indoors there is a drying area with a heater.  The back door from the hostel to camping area is always unlocked and Paula asks if it gets too cold to come inside and sleep on the couch!


Breakfast is included in the price and is restocked all morning.  Paula jokes that guests in this hostel have many breakfasts each day.


There is a computer with free internet for guests and Wi-Fi is free throughout the hostel.  I’ve been uploading lots of high resolution photos using Wi-Fi with no problems.  The computer area has lots of power points to recharge all your equipment at the one time. There are lockers available to guests but I never used one.


The hostel has a flat screen TV in a communal area which shows a mixture of English and Spanish movies.  In the evenings travellers gather to share food, red wine and stories of local adventures.


There are three kitchen areas with large fridges which cope well, even when the hostel is full.  There are ‘free food’ cupboards with various cooking ingredients.  Paula asks if you arrive hungry from cycling all day but have no food to first speak to them before venturing out to the supermarket with tired legs.  The showers are roasting hot and don’t get colder when others are showering at same time.  There is a heater in the shower room so you step out into a nice warm room to take your time dressing.


Hostel Backpackers Refugio Del Mochilero in Ushuaia has an apartment that sleeps 5, dorms sleeping 3,4 and 6 and includes all girl dorms.  Camping spots are reserved specifically for bicycle tourers.

Contact Paula by emailing or call her mobile on +54 9 2901 560597

Hostel Backpackers Refugio Del Mochilero


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