Cycling Patagonia.  The foxes stole my food.  The birds of prey stole my food.  The man stole my jacket.  I ran out of water and I cried.



I achieved my ultimate dream of hiking the Torres del Paine Circuit in Patagonia.  Albeit the first attempt I got rescued on Xmas Day in a snow storm.  Face and lips blue.  In the utopia that comes to us all with minutes left of life.  My second attempt.  Success!  Eight days self supported.  I walked over 100 miles.  I walked so much my hiking boots fell apart.  But it sure was beautiful!

I watched the first sunrise of 2016 in Patagonia perched on a rock, in my sleeping bag with a wee bottle of whisky at 6 am, watching the sun rise over the Torres del Paine Towers.


I photographed King Penguins and wanted to be in their gang.  I still want to be in their gang.  They are super awesome.


I got wind burn from cycling through the 140 kph gusts of wind.  I’m still applying Aloe Vera.  Daily.  It’s not working.

Two years of my face being slapped at will by the elements.


Running through the streets of a town with film crew capturing content of a moving car for a documentary.  Random moment.

Hiking around Mount Fitzroy.  Having to put a harness on myself and zip line over a gorge.  No staff in such wilderness.  I screamed.  Then rejoiced.


On Easter Sunday I ate chocolate then walked over a glacier.

I have been in hospital more than once.  Blood infection.  Hypothermia.  I lost 5 toe nails.  I panicked over loosing the toe nails.

I’ve made amazing friends.  I’ve danced.  A lot.

Would I do it again?  Never again will I cycle Patagonia in the same direction.  But I’d cycle north to south with a tail wind …


As always thanks for joining in the journey.  WBG. xxx