Feeling blessed for meeting the Trenton’s!

It’s early days for me cycling around the world and I’m still nervous about wild camping, especially in sight of humans.  It’s getting late, I’m exhausted and I view a field which would be perfect.  I ring a bell on a gate of a house, overlooking the spot where I want to camp.  I ask nervously if it’s okay for me to camp in the field.  The lovely family take me in, feed me and allow me an amazing shower.  We spend the evening chatting and laughing and I notice my Scottish accent has become almost robot like.  Adjusting the way I speak minimises having to repeat myself and limits my need of charades.

In the morning I am treated to a typical Italian breakfast of a bowl of coffee with biscuits floating around!

It’s Sunday and I join the family for early morning mass in the Church of St Martin in the village of Lerino.  It is an absolute joy – eChurch of ST Martin, Lerinospecially with the singing being in Italian.  After the service I am introduced to all the Trenton’s friends over coffee and cake.  The Trenton’s volunteer themselves for many projects In Italy that help people and I find their way of living as inspiration.

There are other countries that have natural beauty much more impressing than in Italy.  But the Italian people are so friendly, caring and hospitable it makes the country very enjoyable to travel.

I leave the Trenton’s and Lerino and cycle towards Venice filled to the brim with love and contentment.  I’ve always been a traveller who prefers nature to people but experiences such as this opens me up to the fact that no scene of nature would bring about such a good feeling within me.

The Trenton’s are still in touch with me and each Sunday light a candle for me in their church.  I think of this wonderful family often, appreciative it was their bell I rang!

Thank you Elisa, Peter, Mark and Matthew!