Ever wonder how it’s financially possible for people like myself to spend so much time travelling around the world?

The answer is simple.  We follow the universal rule for prolonged travel …

The less money we spend the more days we have exploring the world.

On budgets as low as 5 dollars a day we are creative in this.  By spending 20 dollars we are saying good bye to 4 days of travelling.  So for each and every purchase we ask the question, ‘Do I need to buy this?’  This rule of course does not apply to any Scottish person in a pub.

Prolonged periods of travelling does alter perceptions regarding the value of money and it’s relationship to one’s life.  In a world of consumerism we spend so many hours of our lives working to receive money, only to give it away again.  Is that purchase you are about to make really worth the hours of life you spent to buy it?

There’s nothing wrong with spending money.  But if you are struggling to save for something that is important to you because of your spending, whether it be a holiday or a new home, then perhaps it’s time to start asking the question,

‘Do I need to buy this?’.

Is an inability to save money keeping you apart from realizing one of your dreams such as travelling around the world?

Ask yourself, ‘Is buying this taking me closer or further away from what I really want to do in life?’

The consumerist world we live in wants us to spend money and this is achieved by bombarding our conscious and subconscious with advertisements.  The science behind sales and marketing is designed to make us buy even if spending money is not what’s best for achieving what’s important to us.

The next blog post of World Bike Girl is written in Tehran and gives an insight into the travelers world of keeping costs down.