International Women’s Day

Celebrating Women who Inspire

[ilink url=”” style=”note “]The Adventure Syndicate [/ilink]

The Adventure Syndicate is a one stop website full of inspiration and encouragement from female cyclists up to all sorts of incredible adventures.  These women want to inspire, want to encourage and want to enable other women, young or old, to realise what they are capable of.  The only limits that exist are those that you place on yourself. 
Click on the names to learn all about these extraordinary women!

[ilink url=”” style=”note “]Lee Craigie [/ilink]

mountain bike racing – adventure cycling – long distance fat biking – cycletherapy

Lee Craigie

[ilink url=”” style=”note “]Emily Chappell [/ilink]

long distance racer – transcontinental race winner – author

Emily Chappell

[ilink url=”” style=”note “]Durita Holm [/ilink]

sailing world – mountain bike racing – author four books – built two houses 

Durita Holm

[ilink url=”” style=”note “]Harriet Pike [/ilink]

long distance cycling – exploration of Andes – trekked cross Nepal in winter

Harriet Pike

[ilink url=”” style=”note “]Juliana Buhring[/ilink]

cycling world – transcontinental race – transam race – author two books

Juliana Buhring

[ilink url=”” style=”note “]Kate Harris [/ilink]

exploring world bybicycle

Kate Harris

[ilink url=”” style=”note “]Kate Rawles [/ilink]

long distance cycling – sailing adventures – researching & highlighting environmental issues – author

Kate Rawles

[ilink url=”” style=”note “]Sarah Outen [/ilink]

rowing across oceans – kayaking worlds rivers – cycling across continents

Sarah Outen

[ilink url=”” style=”note “]Tracy Moseley [/ilink]

racing mountain bikes – cross country – downhill – enduro

Tracey Moseley

[ilink url=”” style=”note “]Karen Darke [/ilink]

cycling – skiing – kayaking adventures

Karen Darke

[ilink url=”” style=”note “]Rickie Cotter [/ilink]

24 hour mountain bike races – transcontinental race – hiking – kayaking

Rickie Cotter

[ilink url=”” style=”note “]Ayesha McGowan [/ilink]

fixie crit races – bicycle courier – developing disabled cycling

Ayesha McGowan

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