Crossing the Border of Croatia into Montenegro

    Myself and the two Canadian girls set off from our Warm Showers camp waving goodbye to our host, who again is standing in his underwear taking farewell photos.  His dogs are running along side us jumping across our front wheels on the long downhill.  The faster we pedal the more chance we have of losing the dogs.  But the […]

Dubrovnik & the Sexism of Cycle Touring

  It’s the morning after I missed the bottle in tremendous fashion peeing instead all over my tent floor. No matter.  I’m in a new moment in life.  Still with Pablo and Ilze from we leave Bosnia and Herzegovina and pedal into Croatia.  Punches of joy in the air as we arrive to the […]

Bolts of Lightening, Croatia

In all my wimp worthy nights of wild camping, lightning hitting the ground where I camp is the most scared I’ve ever been and it’s certainly the fastest I’ve ever ran. I’ve pedalled through five countries now and haven’t checked the weather forecast once.  It doesn’t matter if it’s sunshine, rain or wind, I’m out there cycling and camping just the same.  So for me it […]