The words I’m in a youth hostel tonight, won’t mean much without an explanation of last nights shenanigans with slugs in my tent.

I awake in my one man tent at 2 am needing a wee.  Unzipping the tent, I jump out sticking my feet into my sandals. Squish.  Too my fckn horror a huge slug is wedged where my wee toe goes.  I freak out screaming and kick the sandals off into the field.  I and so seriously freaked out and back in the tent I keep wet wiping my toes.  Over and over.  I put my legs into my sleeping bag only to feel a huge squidge against my leg.  I’ve never moved so fast.  It’s a gigantic black slug and it’s in my sleeping bag!!!  I freak out big time.  There’s no-one to save me and I’m screaming as I get rid of the slug.  I open the bottle of red wine stashed in my panniers and I get stuck in.  4 am and a finished bottle I am numb enough to go back to sleep.  In the same sleeping bag.  With slug goo that doesn’t come off.

Think that was an even worse moment than eating silk worms & grasshoppers in Thailand!

So I’m pretty delighted I have a bed tonight in a youth hostel.  Yaaaaas!!!