I reached the top of the mountain!  So many times the previous day I thought I was reaching this but never did. Hence my celebrations.  The descent was super long and I kept celebrating the whole way down because we were no longer climbing.  I stopped at a beach café at the bottom to get Lucy some Kofte (Turkish meatballs) for her breakfast.  Our server came running over to our table, quite excitedly, with his phone in hand and was pointing as he showed me a photo that Toygar, the shepherd boy, had posted on his Facebook of myself and Lucy.  A sure sign of the times.

The rest of the days cycling was simply sublime!  A beautiful coastal road built into the green mountains with beaches and aqua ocean.



We acquired a dog whom I named Muppet because every time we passed goats it chased them down the side of the cliff.  It would be good to have a wee friend for Lucy but I was glad when Muppet disappeared with a herd of goats and never returned.  That dog would have got us shot for sure!

We stopped off at beaches to enjoy little moments of heaven and of course Lucy’s complimentary body exfoliations.  It doesn’t matter where I choose to sit on a beach Lucy is right there behind me, digging a hole.  When I move she moves and starts all over again.  All I can do is pretend it’s not happening and try not to swallow the sand

We arrived in Finke late afternoon and I asked if I could pitch my tent next to Sahil café so I could use their facilities. The staff were lovely and at their insistence I actually pitched my tent inside the café between the tables and chairs!

I enjoyed quality time with Lucy on the beach and a night of electricity, WiFi and soup!

Lottery winning evening for a round the world cyclist!


We had an early start in Finike and it became quickly apparent and much to our disgust we were cycling up yet another mountain.  To my shame and exhaustion we only covered 10 miles over the next 7 hours and I had been cycling as hard as I could.  The road was so steep and the sun was burning – there was no escape from either or the weight of my load.  Lucy walked beside me for some time which lessened my 25 stone load by 20 kg.





After a few hours I popped Lucy back in her DoggyRide trailer as she began looking and acting rather delirious.


It was as tough a day for my mind as it was for my legs.  I wanted to stop.  That was all.  I just wanted to stop.  There were panic moments when I thought, ‘Oh God I’m not going to get this pedal round’.  I kept telling my legs to be quiet and stop making noise.  We are doing this.  I never was one to be told what to do and I was not about to start listening to a pair of legs, even if they did belong to me.

We kept at it and the mountain rewarded us with magnificent views.  I had the biggest of smiles on my face.



Snow lay on either side of the road and I knew we had to make it down the other side or risk a difficult night of freezing conditions.  I was exhausted.  Every muscle hurt.  I was so happy to start our descent at 4.30 pm.  We had done it!  I was so proud of us!  The possibility of succeeding was creeping back into my mind.

We camped in a breathtakingly beautiful forest near sea level.  The trees protected us from the winds and it was a peaceful night.  I felt safe.




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Love WBG & Lucy xxx