Dear Readers,

Firstly I want to say thank you for being a part of this journey, through the highs and the lows and the times of silence when I am just not able to get internet access.

There’s a couple of updates on the WBG website I’d like to share with you.

I’ve updated Lucy’s page on the website, which includes photos, video and for those with connections to this wonderful dog the cause of her death.  Lucy’s memory page will remain on my website for the duration of the world tour, so you are welcome to leave a comment on this page, as others have in Lucy’s memory.

There is a new page I’ve added to the WBG website, World Stray Dogs, which is a platform for rescued stray dogs in need of a home or help.

The short video below is one I made as part of a wee series to explain Scottish words as I travel the world.  Do excuse the video quality on these initial ones as were taken on a mobile phone.  You’ll be pleased to know I now have a super duper camera which I’m really excited about.  If you have any Scottish words you’d like explained post a comment!

Thanks again for being a part of the journey.  I have the best followers in the world and I absolutely love reading your comments and feedback!

Love WBG xxx


Boggin, Clarty, Mingin, Mockitt and Manky are all words used by the Scottish.

But do you know what they mean?

A Scottish Lass Cycling Around the World

Thanks for sharing the journey. WBG. xxx