A Girl, A Bike, A Street Dog



Ishbel Rose Holmes was adrift and alone when she set out to bicycle across the world. She was pedaling across Turkey when a street dog, Lucy, crossed her path and changed her life forever. Ishbel did not want anything or anyone to slow her down, but when she witnessed Lucy attacked by other dogs, Ishbel rescued her—forming a deep bond between the pair. Ishbel recognized her own vulnerability in her new canine friend and launched a heartfelt mission to find Lucy a home and give her a happy life. Their adventures took them over 1,000 miles to the Syrian border and into the hearts of everyone who met them. People around the world who followed the story on Ishbel’s blog, World Bike Girl, watched as Lucy’s unconditional love broke down the wall around Ishbel’s heart. Saving Lucy is the true and inspiring story of two creatures in need of healing and rescue—who find home in each other.

“Whatever your battle, whatever your goal, this book will be a profound source of inspiration.” —Laura Simpson, founder of Harmony Fund and former U.S. Directory of World Society for Protection of Animals “Who saved whom? Ishbel is a truly incredible and determined woman whose emotional story takes you on a journey of tears, laughter, hope, and inspiration with her heartwarming friendship with a stray dog that becomes a connection and rescue for both of them. Beyond inspiring!” —Dion Leonard, author of Finding Gobi “In this beautifully crafted book, we see how the courage of one woman shines through after a childhood of incredible hardship. . . . Her beautiful and inspiring book is a true and passionate journey of . . . unconditional love.” —Frank Gilhooley, Scottish actor “Hooked by page 2. Tears by page 5. This is a gem of a story written by a brave and inspiring young woman with an XXL heart. If you love travel and love animals, you’ll adore this book.” —Jason Lewis, award-winning author, explorer, and sustainability campaigner “[Saving Lucy] is an extraordinary story about the union of an independent, adventurous woman and a fiercely determined dog. . . . The story depicts their moments of creativity, uncertainty, hope, despair and sheer determination. Ultimately, it reveals the strength of the relationship and bond that they developed and the power of reciprocal healing.” —Jan Rees, OBE, founder of The Rees Foundation, a foster care charity “An incredible story about amazing Ishbel and her cycling adventure. Ishbel takes us on her rollercoaster of a journey through life, and through Turkey, on a bike with Lucy. It’s a great read—particularly if you’re a cycle tourist or dog lover.” —Simon Stanforth, founder of Stanforth Bikes, a UK touring bike company “I’ve enjoyed following Ishbel’s travels over the years—she has such a wonderful way with storytelling. Down to earth, honest, funny—she mixes grit with unshakable optimism. Her passion to explore this precious planet under her own steam is infectious, and it’s a joy to be swept up in her world, and in her incredible journey. What I love most about this book, however, is that Ishbel doesn’t skim over the dark times. She shines a light on the many twists and turns one woman’s life can take, and how ultimately she has turned her own often raw and painful experiences into a force for good in the world. That is the greatest triumph of all, and I have no doubt that her story will inspire millions.” —Anna McNuff, adventurer, speaker, and World Champion rower