Love dogs?  Be a hero.  Save a life.  Go to your local shelter for your four legged bundle of joy.  Or don’t save a life.  Don’t be a hero.  And go to a breeder.  The choice is yours.  WBG

If I used a map for navigation I would spend my whole trip lost.  I threw my maps away within days of my first ever bicycle touring trip 8 years ago.  I’ve never been lost since.  WBG

I am cycling with freedom.  No route.  No schedule.  No plans.

There are 196 countries in the world today

these miles belong to me

The Route


I remember my absolute astonishment when I realised I had pedaled through 10 countries.  WBG

 I am surprised I am a woman cycling around the world on my own.  More so because I am not brave.  I still scream at creepy crawlies. 

To me, a bicycle is the best mode of transport in the world. I have no driving license and will be proud if I make it through life without ever owning one.  WBG

Riding a bicycle causes no harm to the environment and is a great way to improve ones health and well being.  It’s tremendous to be outdoors.

I stopped watching the news a long time ago; too much propaganda too little reality.  WBG

I want to learn about the world through my own eyes.


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  1. Insipriing. Started following your Twitter feed. I need vicarious inspiration. Are you actually in Hatay next to Syria (was there years ago myself, when it was more peaceful). That seems like a tough one if you are navigating south or west. Safe journeys.

    1. Hey Rudy 🙂 I think where my inspiration thrives is the reality that if I can do what I’m doing then ANYONE can! I was in Hatay yes. I feel safe in Glasgow. And Glasgow is much more unsafe than Hatay so I have good training! lol

      1. This is VERY reassuring – though I’ve been checking out lots of blogs, many are very FIT types and I am so not. I intend to push the bicycle up lots of hills in order to go wheeee down the other side. I’ll get fitter eventually, I suspect. I will have to read some more of your blog. (it’s this sort of ‘research’ that’s stopping me go out and practise some more 🙂

        1. Okay so the thing about cycle touring the world is each day you do what you want every second of every day. It’s called freedom. Go as slowly as you want or as fast as you want. I like to take it real easy cycling. Yeah I still have my battles up the mountains but to be honest I’ve got geriatrics jogging past me and children walking ahead into the distance …

          I know people who have been cycling around the world longer than me and they didn’t even cycle before getting their bike for the trip ha ha

          Yes there are cycle tourers who are fit but there are plenty who smoke lots and drink a bottle of wine every night after their burger … thats not a picture of health to me ha ha ha

          Trust me you don’t need to spend one second more fretting about your level of fitness – it doesn’t matter x

  2. Your page came up on my FB feed, I love that you are traveling with a dog! I want to ask a ton of questions, but I will read your blog first. Enjoy your journey!!

    1. Aww thanks Cole – some day when you grow up you’ll be travelling to lots of different places in the world too. Work hard at school and then you can have lots of adventures! Did you know there are treasure hunts that take place all over the world for adults?

  3. Hi,

    My name is Florent, i’m cycling around the world for a long time, something like 10 years.

    I can sometime check your website, you can check mine and if one day we are close we can meet and maybe share the road a few days.

    I wish you a very good tour, have fun!


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