Lucy died unexpectedly in my arms on the 26th March 2015.  It was a shock for me and a shock for everyone involved, including all who followed our journey from afar.  Your patience is greatly appreciated during this time as I know you all shared a bond with Lucy too.  I have expert opinions based on the autopsy and am awaiting the official test results and report which I shall share with you as soon as I receive them.

The last blog posts of her life and our journey together will be published once a place has been reached in my grief that allow the words to be written.  The next blog post is proving especially difficult to write just now because it’s such a happy one.

There may be no need, but I do want to apologise for the delay in this message to you.  It was a struggle to go back onto my website and when I did on the 7th April I just couldn’t write this.  I am new to blogging and I had absolutely no idea I had subscribers who were not on World Bike Girl`s Facebook page.  For this I am sorry.

It`s been truly wonderful to share with you an animal as amazing and exceptional as Lucy was.  I wish the ending of Lucy`s story was a happy one but it`s not and I can’t do anything to change that.  I now look to the future and take comfort in the street animals around the world that Lucy`s Legacy will help.

Thank you

WBG xxx