Fran Gilhooley

Fran Gilhooley actor, director and writer announces he is writing the movie script about myself and Lucy the Street Dog.

He writes:

‘So delighted and privileged to announce, after meeting one of the most inspirational human beings I have ever encountered, I am now honoured to be writing the movie script of the life of the incredible World Bike Girl… Ishbel Taromsari aka World Bike Girl …and her truly amazing journey of awakening with Lucy, the street dog she rescued from certain death in the Middle East … In reality, it was Lucy who rescued her.
Such an emotional journey of unspeakable hardship, and love in its purest form.
Watch this space.’ – Fran Gilhooley

Fran is well known in Scotland for his part as ‘The Quiz Master’ in Still Game.  It’s funny.  Whenever I’ve went through sad or difficult times over the last decade I’ve always stuck on back to back episodes of Still Game.  To get me laughing again.  Can you imagine the random moment when the Quiz Master from Still Game contacts you?!?

We’ve already began working on this and what an amazing experience so far.  The hankies have been out a few times and we’re expecting the script to be finished May 2017.

I extend a huge thank you to Fran for guiding me through the process for his script and for being so empathetic.

I’m sure you’ll agree … it’s all rather exciting and surreal but heartbreaking at the same time because of the way life is for street dogs around the world.

Imagine how many street dogs lives will change if there’s a movie about a street dog?

This is all because of Lucy.

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.

Ishbel (WBG) xxx

World Bike Girl and Lucy