Photo of me on bicycle cycling the world.

Cycling the world on my own is every day a new experience of foreign cultures, landscapes, cuisines and languages but what do I miss most when I’m out on the road?

The Top 10 Things I Miss When I’m Cycling the World are:


  1. The People I Love
  2. Understanding what People Say to Me & Vice Versa
  3. Sleeping in a Bed
  4. The Big Fluffy Onesie
  5. Home Cuisine (Chippy Chips, Deep Fried Pizza, Broon Sauce; Golden Wonder Salt n Vinegar Crisps; Guinness; Irn Bru)
  6. The Scottish Accent & Banter
  7. Bubble Baths
  8. Central Heating & Hot Water
  9. The British System
  10. Couch & Movie

What’s the biggest thing you miss about home when abroad?  Post you comments below …