My back pack is decorated just like my own mobile Xmas Tree!

On Xmas Day I begin a 10 day unassisted trek around the Torres del Paine in Chile, South America.  This Scottish girl can’t quite believe she is about to realise her ultimate travel dream of many years – The Torres del Paine!

Carrying 10 days of food with all camping and cooking equipment is heavy!

Of course being the Scottish lass that I am, I still have a 2 litre box of red wine packed and a wee bottle of whisky for the bells!  On the 1st Jan 2016 I will be celebrating the 5am sunrise over the magnificent Torres del Paine with a nip of whisky!  Cheers to each and everyone of you and wishing you a truly magnificent 2016!  Thank you for being in my life.

Spare a thought for the many people on their own this Xmas & New Year, especially young adults coming out of the care system and the elderly.  Perhaps you can squeeze another chair around your table.

Love you all!


torres del paine

Torres del Paine