I am writing this post for Lucy’s friends who knew her and loved her.  This is not written out of a place of self defense and is certainly not written to the people who spread such lies.  Lucy did not die of poison.  She cleared all toxicology tests in the governmental head testing facility in Ankara.  At the time of Lucy’s death, I wrote a post on World Bike Girl’s Facebook page that the cause of death could be a twist of stomach, ruptured intestine or poisoning.  How anyone can determine poisoning as fact from that is beyond me.  Yet people with one thing in common other than World Bike Girl began a social media campaign that Lucy died of poisoning, with some even saying I was responsible for her death.  I gave no attention to such accusations that had no source of truth and this is why perhaps such a rumour has spread.

I am writing this post because yesterday I was walking in Calis, where Lucy and myself spent so much time playing on the beach.  People who knew and loved Lucy stopped to give their condolences.  They had tears in their eyes stating how terrible it was that Lucy had died of poison.  This saddened me as I explained this was not the case.  Lucy’s toxicology results were clear and now we wait on pathology and the final report to be written.

For those who watched our story from afar, I ask you to refrain from judgment until I receive and publish the official reports.

One thing I learned in the early days of rescuing Lucy, which will stay with me and help in the rest of my life, is to be very careful of the good causes you support.  Not everything is always as it seems.  I do not want to encourage in followers of World Bike Girl such blind belief that allows such things to exist in the world.  I want the official results and report to tell you what happened.  Not me.  So unfortunately we still wait, after all, it’s Turkey Time we’re on 🙂

Now let’s go back to our special memories and knowing what a truly wonderful dog Lucy was.

Thank you

WBG xxx