Hi Everyone! This is a huge moment for me … posting on my blog again!

Huge Woohoo! Great to connect again! I’ve missed everyone.

I’ve been quiet for some time now. My mental health just got too bad last year. There’s a lot of gaps to fill in, but here is an update of where I am in life now via today’s edition of The Herald.

Maria, my wonderful dog and best friend (as you will so fondly remember, I rescued and adopted from Brazil) went and found me a man whilst we were out walking one day! Details in The Herald)

We are now proud parents to our wee baby girl who is 25 weeks old, growing inside me 🙂

Who would have thought how much life can change in a year! You may have followed my mental health journey via the sporadic social media posts I shared last year and I have to say I’m now so thankful I went through that, as I would have been off travelling the world again and wouldn’t have met Steven and wouldn’t be having a baby and embarking on a whole new adventure to infinity and back with goodness. My family of me and Maria is getting bigger! Funny how life is!

I am back cycling even though I’m pregnant. I just got myself a bike with front suspension and a lower top tube and away I went lol I don’t go on roads though and stick to traffic free shared paths, which Falkirk is filled with. I even cycled to my ultrasound scans at hospital and sat in the waiting room, wearing my bump, cycling gear and helmet. lol

Being pregnant and in lockdown is my inspiration for my piece in The Herald about Falkirk being my favourite place.

I will begin blogging again soon too 🙂 mostly about all life in general, with partner, dog, baby and bicycle and also my activism activities in Scotland.

I hope you are all well and happy and that lockdown hasn’t been too harsh on you. If it has I wish with all my heart that the better times that await you are just around the corner.

All my love x

Ishbel & Maria & Baby & Steven and Steven’s Dog Lucky lol xxx

Today’s Herald Article