I’m raising £500 to help provide veterinary treatment for sick and injured street dogs and cats in Turkey.

Please visit my Just Giving Page to Donate!  [ilink url=”https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/street-dogs-cats” style=”note “]Just Giving – Street Cats and Dogs [/ilink]

Animal Aid is a charity which looks after street cats and dogs in the Fethiye area of Turkey.

When a street dog or cat is sick or injured (for example run over by a car) Animal Aid volunteers take the animal to a vet, pay the costs and care for the animal until it’s better. This is vital front line assistance for animals in need.

On Wednesday 17th May I am taking to the skies and paragliding off the top of Mount Babadag at 1960 metres to raise money for street dogs and cats.

This is a great opportunity because 95% of your donation goes direct to the animals – nothing goes on administration or running costs of the charity.  The other 5% goes to Just Giving as their fee.  If you are struggling with pennies and unable to donate you can still help greatly by sharing this post on your social media – maybe some of your friends would like to donate.

I am a human and animal rights campaigner who is cycling the world and I volunteer with street animals in the countries I pedal through.  In 2015 I helped Animal Aid by using my bicycle and dog trailer to feed street animals and rescuing and helping injured ones.

I would really love to make Animal Aid £500 because it will help so much but if we can make more then that would be so super awesome!  [ilink url=”https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/street-dogs-cats” style=”note “]My Just Giving Page [/ilink]

You can check out my world via my social media World Bike Girl pages or my blogs worldbikegirl.com and worldbikekids.com

Thank you so much!

Ishbel xxx

[ilink url=”https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/street-dogs-cats” style=”note “]My Just Giving Page [/ilink]