On the 1st June I return with my bicycle to Rio de Janeiro in Brazil to continue adventuring across South America.

This year I will once more have a dog trailer attached to my bicycle and will be using it to rescue animals as I pedal through Brazil, the Amazon, Ecuador, Colombia and Peru.

Back in 2014 when I began cycling the globe I had visions of me and my bicycle and the worlds most beautiful landscapes.  And yes my photography shows this has been a reality.  But what I hadn’t accounted for was my own reaction to the world I was cycling and how this would shape my journey.  Much to my surprise thousands of people with the same heart and compassion for the world we live in follow my adventures online and together we have helped humans and animals around the world.

In 2015 we concentrated our efforts on street animals and you will remember I cycled with a dog trailer attached to my bicycle in Turkey which I used for Lucy the Street Dog and additional animal rescues.

In 2016 we campaigned for every women’s right to cycle after the Iranian Supreme Leader of Iran issued a religious law against women cycling in public.  This is something I will continue to campaign for because some of the best moments in my life have involved a bicycle and there are women and girls all over the world being denied the right to ride their bikes because it is ‘un-lady’ like or ‘against’ religion.

For 2017 my adventures will run alongside animal rescue by providing medical treatment, caring for and finding homes for rescued dogs in the countries I cycle through.

This trip will be recorded thanks to individuals contributing filming equipment.  The footage will be used to make videos to inspire children in care and care leavers.  Content will also be produced for those affected by mental health, suicide and homelessness.  All of which affected me in the earlier years of my life.  It’s time to give back.

Thanks to the organisations and individuals working with me on these projects and a huge thank you to everyone who is a part of this journey through the World Bike Girl blogs and social media.



Thank you [ilink url=”https://www.dalescycles.com” style=”note “]Dales Cycles [/ilink]  for providing the Doggy Ride Trailer way back in 2015 for doggy rescue!




        Thank you [ilink url=”https://www.stanforthbikes.co.uk” style=”note “]Stanforth Bikes [/ilink]  for such an awesome bike that takes me around the world!



                    Thank you [ilink url=”http://www.doggyride.com” style=”note “]Doggy Ride [/ilink]  for providing the accessories!