Turkey’s nation wide, ‘Lets Feed Ishbel Must Get Her Fat’ campaign was gaining momentum and I enjoyed a big breakfast before we set off.  Thank you to the wonderful Turkish people we are meeting along our way who are so kind and wonderful and generous.  


I was aware to expect rain today.  Pedaling under dark clouds I could see in the distance a line in the sky where light prevailed.  This day’s mission was to escape the darkness by chasing the light.  I’ve tried to out cycle the rain many times in my lifetime.  Today was the first time I had ever been successful.  I was so thankful to my legs and I told them so.


I knew by tomorrow there would be no out riding the rain, which would cover the Antalya region and last for 3 days.  I felt it would be wrong of me to expose Lucy to 3 days of rain.  She has been such a good girl for me so far.  I would get accommodation for the duration of this rain storm.  I stuffed my handlebar bag with a big packet of sultanas and decided to ride as fast as I could all day for Lucy.  The next town of Alanya was 85 miles (136 km) away.  Darkness was falling around us 8 hours later as we passed a road sign welcoming us to Alanya.  I was in disbelief.  Surly we hadn’t cycled 85 miles in one day?  But we had!  Another mile of celebrations!  


Much to my satisfaction the rain began almost immediately on our arrival and lasted for 3 days.  In this time Lucy enjoyed her luxury and relaxed a lot.


When dry spells allowed, Lucy played with the street dogs on the beach outside our apartment.




When I took Lucy for her walks this is how we looked.


She had a shower and then I blow dried her.  Many people in Turkey believe dogs are dirty so it’s important to me that Lucy does not add to this belief!  This is Lucy after her grooming not looking entirely amused.


We stayed at the Caligo Apartments (www.caligoapart.com) which accepted pets on booking.com.  I knew as soon as I cycled to Caligo’s entrance there must be a mistake.  It was well chic.  Sure enough they didn’t accept pets.  But I had cycled 85 miles and I stood there in reception declaring that I was not leaving.  We got in!  I had an awesome hot shower and a kitchen and a bed and electricity and WiFi!!!  The apartment was fabulous and the staff were amazing to both myself and Lucy.  We were made to feel so welcome even though they were making a big exception for us both.


Join us for our next few days of cycling in our next blog post – enter your email in the subscribe box and a copy will be sent to your inbox.  Thank you for your support and belief.

Love WBG & Lucy xxx