Please note this blog post was written before Lucy’s death on 26th March 2015.  She was and still is an amazing dog whom I loved with all my heart and soul.  She taught me more about love, forgiveness and the act of living than any human ever has.  I am blessed she was there in that moment of time as I cycled past on my world tour by bicycle.  This next year of my life I dedicate to you Lucy for being the best dog I could ever wish for and the best soul I’ve ever known. Good Girl xxx


I decide early on that today is a formally designated fat day and my handlebar bag quickly fills with chocolates.  Fat day requires quite some skill when cycling through such smoggy roads of a city’s rush hour traffic as in Mersin. Especially when you can fit 5 chocolates in your mouth at the one time with each one needing unwrapped individually.


It’s been some time since the UK witnessed chimneys like this.  A small sign reminding me that countries progress at different rates and one ought to adjust expectations accordingly.

We have a break and become lunching ladies on Lucy’s blanket next to a football pitch.  Lucy becomes mascot for the local youth football squad.  Many children of different ages surround us and it’s great to see them having so much fun around Lucy.



An hour is spent playing with Lucy in front of the children pictured below without them ever loosing their fear enough to touch her.  They want to so much but their conditioning simply won’t allow it.  All is not lost.  They are now witness to the absolute joy a dog can bring a human being and the respect that a human being is capable of showing a dog.


One of the infants who has been petrified walks towards Lucy reaching out his hand to clap her and I believe Lucy and I I are making progress.  This moment of internal jubilation turns to anguish as the child’s mother instantaneously transforms into a 10 meter Olympic sprinter exercising equal impressiveness of vocal chords.  She reaches child grabs him into the air and lifts him far away from Lucy.  Do I detect embarrassment as she looks back at me?


I doubt she had any control of her actions in these moments.  She is a mother and that is her baby and that is a dog capable of biting her baby.  I could assume such fear stems from the various dog bite stories in Turkey.  But in England alone, it is estimated that 200, 000 people a year are bitten by dogs and I have not witnessed such reactions there.

I’ve cycled 3000 km of Turkey’s lands on my own and I myself have witnessed the capabilities a pack of stray dogs have on inducing fear.  Do I think everyone would walk towards 12 attacking dogs knowing absolutely that they must fight them all if needed to protect the dog they are with.  Probably not.  So I do understand the fear caused to people in these situations.  But Lucy is lying so calm and gentle and friendly on the grass with only love in her eyes and I wonder what causes such fear.


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Love WBG & Lucy xxx