Much More than just a Cycle Around the World!

I’ve just went and cycled across Brazil!  When my front wheel touched the beach I smiled and thought wow I’ve just cycled another country.  I thanked my body, pulled my bikini out my panniers and embraced the beach! Over the last 11 months I’ve pedalled across Chile, Bolivia, Brazil and parts of Argentina.  I’ve cycled […]

Inspirational Firefighters for Humans and Animals

Meet the firefighters of Bertioga, Brazil.  They are an example to people the world over of human kindness and the positive contribution we can make to the world around us.  Not only do these men and women risk their lives daily to save others they also rescue street dogs! The firefighters stand for every women’s […]

Bolivia’s Great so Why No Blogs?

Bolivia has been an extraordinary adventure both on and off the bike.  Cycling and wild camping my way over 5000 metre mountain passes is the highest I’ve ever travelled in my life and I did it on two wheels!  The high altitude altiplano of the Andes is the remotest cycling I’ve done having to carry […]

Frozen Everything – the End of Cycling Patagonia.

I awake one Autumn Patagonian morning.  I am cold.  My sleeping bag is soaked through.  I try to open my tent.  I can’t.  The zipper is frozen shut.  Why is my sleeping bag wet?  I panic and force the tent’s zipper open.  Everything outside is white.  I am cold.  Why is my sleeping bag wet? […]