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Our first stop in Nottingham was to take Maria for a walk, so I pedalled for Wollaton Park. What a surprise – it was an incredible! Just look! But another surprise awaited for us on our return to the bicycle …. I had taken wrong turning and had parked my bicycle in the restaurant which

The World Bike Girl Event Coventry

The World Bike Girl Event in Coventry was held at Twisted Barrel Brewery in what must be the coolest city spot I’ve ever visited … Fargo Village (if you are visiting Coventry these are must dos). Twisted Barrel Brewery are famous for their ales which meant I COULD NOT FRIGGEN WAIT TO DO THIS EVENT

Me, Maria and Coventry!

We made it to Coventry! This shows you how bad my geography and general knowledge is … I thought I was cycling into a wee town but Coventry is the ninth largest city in England! You can imagine my shock! As soon as we passed the Welcome to Coventry sign, I pedalled manically, full of

Maria, Me & Milton Keynes!

London behind us we arrived to Milton Keynes for our event at Twenty3c Bike Shop and Cafe in Stony Stratford on Friday 17th Aug. We stayed the night before with my agents Mum Chris, not far away and she kindly gave us a lift to the event. To pack everything in her car I had to

Maria & Me Arrive to London!

Before arriving to London, I stopped off at a friends in Milton Keynes where Maria would stay over night and allow me a day in London on my own to do podcasts and interviews. I usually buy the big issue and tell them to keep my copy so they can sell on but this time