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Please help me raise £500 for injured street cats and dogs in Turkey by donating to my Just Giving page.

I’m raising £500 to help provide veterinary treatment for sick and injured street dogs and cats in Turkey.

Please visit my Just Giving Page to Donate!  Just Giving – Street Cats and Dogs

Animal Aid is a charity which looks after street cats and dogs in the Fethiye area of Turkey.

When a street dog or cat is sick or injured (for example run over by a car) Animal Aid volunteers take the animal to a vet, pay the costs and care for the animal until it’s better. This is vital front line assistance for animals in need.

On Wednesday 17th May I am taking to the skies and paragliding off the top of Mount Babadag at 1960 metres to raise money for street dogs and cats.

This is a great opportunity because 95% of your donation goes direct to the animals – nothing goes on administration or running costs of the charity.  The other 5% goes to Just Giving as their fee.  If you are struggling with pennies and unable to donate you can still help greatly by sharing this post on your social media – maybe some of your friends would like to donate.

I am a human and animal rights campaigner who is cycling the world and I volunteer with street animals in the countries I pedal through.  In 2015 I helped Animal Aid by using my bicycle and dog trailer to feed street animals and rescuing and helping injured ones.

I would really love to make Animal Aid £500 because it will help so much but if we can make more then that would be so super awesome!  My Just Giving Page

You can check out my world via my social media World Bike Girl pages or my blogs and

Thank you so much!

Ishbel xxx

My Just Giving Page

Benim adım Şanslı

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Shut Up Legs

I reached the top of the mountain!  So many times the previous day I thought I was reaching this but never did. Hence my celebrations.  The descent was super long and I kept celebrating the whole way down because we were no longer climbing.  I stopped at a beach café at the bottom to get Lucy some Kofte (Turkish meatballs) for her breakfast.  Our server […] Click to continue reading →