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Tierra Del Fuego

Patagonia; My Epic Movie


On leaving Tolhuin Bakery I am gifted with an incredible tail wind and I’m cycling on the highs of a Glee movie-set for 70 glorious kilometres.  Then my head is down and I’m pushing at my pedals achieving no more than 7 kph.  I will learn all too soon this is only a whisper of what the Patagonian wind has in store for me.


The Tierra del Fuego Island is baron with nowhere to hide.  Approaching a farm I see my opportunity for protection and although it’s only 5 pm I call it a day.  Walking my bike through the old stone buildings I search for someone to ask permission to camp.  An aged jeep rolls towards me and a white haired man with a green padded waistcoat pops his head out the window.

“Adrian Goodall!” he exclaims, introducing himself in a perfect English accent.


He explains his father came here on a contract to fix machinery in 1910 and stayed after falling in love with his mother.  She lived here on this farm.  This Argentinian man is speaking better English than me.  He sounds like a lord!  Mind you.  I am Scottish let’s not forget.  Most people in the world speaks better English than me. In fact, that’s how this blog began.  I wanted to write a book of my travels but my English was so poor.  Even though it is my first language. Click to continue reading →

Ushuaia: Beginning or The End?

My ultimate travel dream of South America comes crashing down to earth with a bang into the gusts of wind so brutal, pushing me this way and that all over the road.  Cycling out from Ushuaia airport I’m scared at my inability to control my bicycle and pedal only 3 km before retreating to the camping, reserved exclusively for cycle tourers. I’ve wanted South America […] Click to continue reading →