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My Bicycle is the British Kibo from Stanforth Bikes … this is why I love it!

Photo of me cycling the Kibo Bicycle in Bolivia

Photo of myself cycling the Kibo Bicycle across the Andes in Bolivia

My Bicycle – the beautiful British Kibo from Stanforth Bikes

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I ride the Kibo; an all terrain exhibition bike designed for the crazy extreme conditions of a fully loaded world tour.

It’s British designed, British built and the frame is made by industry legend Lee Cooper using the strongest gauge of Reynolds 631 steel.

This means it’s as strong as a 12 year old Malt but in equal measures is a superbly comfortable ride.

Having the confidence to venture further afield and pedal across less developed countries equates to a ton of miles off road.  The Kibo absorbs the vibrations and bumps so my body doesn’t have to.  The wheels have proved themselves across South America  – 10,000 km and I haven’t broken a spoke!

Cycling all day every day with no discomfort is a BIGGY for me being head over heels with this hunk of steel. Click to continue reading →