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To Suffer

I don’t know how I’m going to make Hatay.  I feel broken.  The flat road I had been praying for has greeted me in return with a head wind so strong I can barely turn the pedals.  I feel embarrassed and wonder what people think as I cycle alongside them at the same speed as

Lucy the Protector

We departed our enchanted forest and enjoyed an amazingly flattish 40 km of stopping off at beaches for Lucy to dig holes and for me to stretch out in the sand.  It was a hot day but I was wearing leggings under my skirt as I had been  victim to the strong gusts of wind

Shut Up Legs

I reached the top of the mountain!  So many times the previous day I thought I was reaching this but never did. Hence my celebrations.  The descent was super long and I kept celebrating the whole way down because we were no longer climbing.  I stopped at a beach café at the bottom to get Lucy some Kofte (Turkish meatballs) for her breakfast.  Our server

Lucy and Turkey’s Super Vet

Lucy and Serkan Until I personally delivered Lucy to her new family in the UK, Lucy would accompany me on my upcoming winter adventure; cycling through Turkey’s Central and Eastern mountain ranges.  Until I sorted out a suitable dog trailer I would bring Lucy to Fethiye, a Turkish coastal town renowned for its beauty and

Lucy’s Life in Quarantine

Lucy must serve 3 months of quarantine time in Turkey, to be allowed entry into the UK where her new family and life are waiting. Lucy’s Life in Quarantine   Ishbel HolmesCreator of World Bike Girl, Ishbel is one of the most experienced female cyclists in the world. The bicycle has taken her from commuting,