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Can you name the World Bike Girl book?

Drawing of Lucy and World Bike Girl

I’m inviting readers to name my book! After all, it’s you guys who come up with hashtags to help me in my antics around the world! This book is about the first year of cycling the world and meeting beautiful Lucy the dog, drawing on the parallels of life for a street dog in Turkey

Lucy did not die of Poison

I am writing this post for Lucy’s friends who knew her and loved her.  This is not written out of a place of self defense and is certainly not written to the people who spread such lies.  Lucy did not die of poison.  She cleared all toxicology tests in the governmental head testing facility in

Lucy’s Legacy

Throughout my years of life, a small thought of cycling around the world floated quietly in and out of my mind.           With other things in life shouting much louder for my attention, it would have been easy to miss such a whisper. My motivation for this trip didn’t include the actual

Notice of Lucy`s Death (Website)

Lucy died unexpectedly in my arms on the 26th March 2015.  It was a shock for me and a shock for everyone involved, including all who followed our journey from afar.  Your patience is greatly appreciated during this time as I know you all shared a bond with Lucy too.  I have expert opinions based

Education of Children

Please note this blog post was written before Lucy’s death on 26th March 2015.  She was and still is an amazing dog whom I loved with all my heart and soul.  She taught me more about love, forgiveness and the act of living than any human ever has.  I am blessed she was there in

Wake up to Puppies!

What better way to commence your day than to discover adorable cute puppies with their mommy!  Then to cycle past children and have them running after to meet Lucy.  A blessed little morning! Today’s panoramic back drop to our cycling is once more beautiful.  And once more I am fatigued, the legs not favoring the

Best Cycling Day Ever!

I awake in the tent at 4 am with Lucy’s big eyes staring back at me, her face as close as it can get to mine without touching.  Her cuteness makes me laugh.  I love these moments.  I am grateful to the UK’s pet immigration’s rule book. That Lucy must serve this 3 month quarantine