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Iranian Women Love Cycling

Photo showing myself cycling and the hashtag campaign Iranian Women Love Cycling.

I am a British Iranian woman and I’ve been cycling the world for 2 years.  I’m currently pedalling across Brazil my 16th country by bicycle.  On the 10th September 2016 the Supreme Leader of Iran issued a Fatwa against women cycling in public.

Before cycling the world I was riding and racing for the Iranian National Women’s Cycling Team.  On a return flight to Tehran from racing in Kazakstan I knew I had a serious decision to make.

Photo of me cycling in Iran with hashtag Iranian Women Love Cycling.

I grabbed my bicycle and rucksack from Azadi Sports Complex and returned to Tehran’s airport to catch a flight to Istanbul.  I spent the next 3 weeks cycling Turkey, on my own and in that time I made a life changing decision.

To do what I had always been too scared to do.  To travel the world on my bicycle.

I was never going to be the girl who could accept a world of discrimination, bullying and doping for my own personal gain. Walking away from something I had worked so hard for was a tough decision but I followed my heart.  I value my life not on personal gain but on the positive contribution I can make to the world as I experience it.

Photo of me cycling in Bolivia with hashtag Iranian Women Love Cycling

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