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Cycling a Motorway, Italy & Slovenia Sandals

I’m cycling as fast as I can with my excitement building as it does getting so close to a new country.  It’s early evening and I’m cycling out of my last town of Italy.  I know the direction that Slovenia, my next country lies, but not having a map is proving difficult with Trieste’s one way systems and ring roads.  Especially as the angry rush

A Swiss Army Knife is for Life

A Swiss army knife is for life my friends not just for the chocolate spread. Words of wisdom. It doesn’t matter how desperate you are to get the ‘Nutella’ out from the bottom of that big jar, have respect for your Swiss army knife. Ignoring reality that the chocolate is covering all of your fifty tools in your panicked animal

The Wonderful Family of the Trenton’s, Lerino, Italy

Feeling blessed for meeting the Trenton’s! It’s early days for me cycling around the world and I’m still nervous about wild camping, especially in sight of humans.  It’s getting late, I’m exhausted and I view a field which would be perfect.  I ring a bell on a gate of a house, overlooking the spot where I want to camp.  I ask

Andre is 30 Years Cycling Around the World, Italy

It’s not even midday when I cycle past a couple of drunks on a bench.  I realise I’m going the wrong way and turn back. Passing them again I notice a bicycle set up for touring and I stop to say hello.  Andre tells me he is from East Germany and began cycling around the world long before the wall came

Human Compassion, Lake Garda, Italy

Today’s purpose is to pedal my way to Italy’s Lake Garda, ending my day with a bath in the lake. Purpose means nothing when I get my East and South directions mixed up and I don’t arrive to Lake Garda until 8.30pm. Much to my horror on arrival Lake Garda is bumper to bumper with a tourist traffic jam.  It is horrendous