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Iranian Women Love Cycling

Much More than just a Cycle Around the World!


I’ve just went and cycled across Brazil!  When my front wheel touched the beach I smiled and thought wow I’ve just cycled another country.  I thanked my body, pulled my bikini out my panniers and embraced the beach!


Over the last 11 months I’ve pedalled across Chile, Bolivia, Brazil and parts of Argentina.  I’ve cycled over 9000 km and trekked 300 km.  That makes 16 countries in 2 years by bicycle.


I began cycling the South American continent in Ushuaia, Argentina.  It’s the most southernly town in the world and has been labelled the end of the world.  Click to continue reading →

Television Interview: Brazil. Talking about the international campaigns Iranian Women Love Cycling & Free Narges.

  Giving a television interview for Costa Norte in Brazil.  Talking about the ban against women cycling in public in Iran and the international campaign to release award winning human rights activist and mother of two, Narges Mohammadi. Jailed for 16 years for exercising freedom of speech. Interview is in Portuguese. To find out more […] Click to continue reading →