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World Bike Girl 2017

Happy New Year Everyone!

Get those bucket lists out and mark your calendar when the next item is being ticked off.

Time passes so quickly.  1 month gone already!

I have 3 bucket list items I’m ticking off this year …

 … so life for 2017 is looking something like this;


Achievement is nothing.  Experience is everything.

Cycling solo 4,500 km across Brazil to reach Amazon Jungle

Catch wee boats along Amazon with my bicycle from Brazil to Colombia

Cycle solo Colombia

 It’s going to be some experience finding out if this adventure is actually possible.  If there’s a way I’ll find it.

But there’s no chance I’m researching it.  I’ll get freaked out by all the creepy crawlies!  I’m a big whimp.

And yes.

I know there’s animals that can eat me and tribes that kill on first contact.

But then.  In Scotland we have Neds.

Lucy’s Script

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