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The High and Lows of Patagonia

Cycling Patagonia.  The foxes stole my food.  The birds of prey stole my food.  The man stole my jacket.  I ran out of water and I cried. I achieved my ultimate dream of hiking the Torres del Paine Circuit in Patagonia.  Albeit the first attempt I got rescued on Xmas Day in a snow storm.

Patagonia; My Epic Movie

On leaving Tolhuin Bakery I am gifted with an incredible tail wind and I’m cycling on the highs of a Glee movie-set for 70 glorious kilometres.  Then my head is down and I’m pushing at my pedals achieving no more than 7 kph.  I will learn all too soon this is only a whisper of what the Patagonian wind has in store

The Cycle Adventure Begins

Greg also known as the [ilink url=”” style=”note”]The Starving Cyclist[/ilink] is arriving to Ushuaia just as I’ve finished in the Tierra del Fuego Park.  I haven’t met Greg before but we are Facebook friends and he’s been cycling the world for almost four years.  I’m excited as I pedal to the airport to meet one of my cycling


Missing friends goes hand in hand with long term travel.  It’s the toughest part to it and the biggest reason people struggle to stay on the road for a long time. Here’s a video I made so far away from the people I love … Cherise your loved ones.  WBG xxx Ishbel HolmesIshbel, creator of World Bike Girl, has

Ushuaia: Beginning or The End?

My ultimate travel dream of South America comes crashing down to earth with a bang into the gusts of wind so brutal, pushing me this way and that all over the road.  Cycling out from Ushuaia airport I’m scared at my inability to control my bicycle and pedal only 3 km before retreating to the [ilink url=”” style=”note”]Mochilero [/ilink] camping, reserved exclusively for cycle tourers.