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The High and Lows of Patagonia



Cycling Patagonia.  The foxes stole my food.  The birds of prey stole my food.  The man stole my jacket.  I ran out of water and I cried.



I achieved my ultimate dream of hiking the Torres del Paine Circuit in Patagonia.  Albeit the first attempt I got rescued on Xmas Day in a snow storm.  Face and lips blue.  In the utopia that comes to us all with minutes left of life.  My second attempt.  Success!  Eight days self supported.  I walked over 100 miles.  I walked so much my hiking boots fell apart.  But it sure was beautiful!

I watched the first sunrise of 2016 in Patagonia perched on a rock, in my sleeping bag with a wee bottle of whisky at 6 am, watching the sun rise over the Torres del Paine Towers.


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Ushuaia: Beginning or The End?

My ultimate travel dream of South America comes crashing down to earth with a bang into the gusts of wind so brutal, pushing me this way and that all over the road.  Cycling out from Ushuaia airport I’m scared at my inability to control my bicycle and pedal only 3 km before retreating to the camping, reserved exclusively for cycle tourers. I’ve wanted South America […] Click to continue reading →