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Well done! You found Yoda the puppy a home.

A few days ago Grant & Aileen Davies approached World Bike Girl about a remarkable story of holiday turned animal rescue.  Last week the Scottish couple were holidaying in Kas, Turkey and witnessed a puppy being thrown out the back of a truck.  Sightseeing was ditched and puppy rescue ensued!  Grant & Aileen took Yoda

Be a hero. Share this post for Lucky

THANKS TO EVERYONE SHARING LUCKY HAS A HOME! MORE DETAILS TO FOLLOW! This is an emergency.  Lucky will not survive. Lucky’s adoption family have today confirmed they are no longer in a position to bring Lucky to the UK.  Her foster placement ends this week. Lucky will not survive in the shelter.  The best we

Benim adım Şanslı

To Read in English Click me Benim adım Şanslı (Lucky). 6 aylığım ve kangal meleziyim Lucy gibi. Ben koşucuydum köpek yavrusuyken ve de distemper hastalığına yakalanmıştım. Bize koşucular denir çünkü bizler sahipsiziz ve de bir parça ekmek uğruna koşan köpekleriz. Diğer iki koşucuda da distemper hastalığı vardı. Çoğu köpek ben hastayken benden uzak durmak için

Lucy’s Legacy

Throughout my years of life, a small thought of cycling around the world floated quietly in and out of my mind.           With other things in life shouting much louder for my attention, it would have been easy to miss such a whisper. My motivation for this trip didn’t include the actual

Notice of Lucy`s Death (Website)

Lucy died unexpectedly in my arms on the 26th March 2015.  It was a shock for me and a shock for everyone involved, including all who followed our journey from afar.  Your patience is greatly appreciated during this time as I know you all shared a bond with Lucy too.  I have expert opinions based

Education of Children

Please note this blog post was written before Lucy’s death on 26th March 2015.  She was and still is an amazing dog whom I loved with all my heart and soul.  She taught me more about love, forgiveness and the act of living than any human ever has.  I am blessed she was there in

Best Cycling Day Ever!

I awake in the tent at 4 am with Lucy’s big eyes staring back at me, her face as close as it can get to mine without touching.  Her cuteness makes me laugh.  I love these moments.  I am grateful to the UK’s pet immigration’s rule book. That Lucy must serve this 3 month quarantine

To Suffer

I don’t know how I’m going to make Hatay.  I feel broken.  The flat road I had been praying for has greeted me in return with a head wind so strong I can barely turn the pedals.  I feel embarrassed and wonder what people think as I cycle alongside them at the same speed as