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Help required to make films of upcoming Amazon Adventure 2017.

me on fully loaded bike

So on 1st June I set off to cycle 4500 km across Brazil, navigate thousands of km’s through Amazon, cycle north Ecuador and Colombia.  I want to create videos specifically for looked after children, care leavers and also ones for adults and young adults about choosing life (re suicide) and mental health. Additional ones will be done on being yourself, following your dreams, attitude etc etc etc.

Because of my experience and training as a Stress Manager I can give actual coping techniques young ones and adults can use in moments of distress.

I’m going to do a crowd funder to raise the cash to get a drone and go pro, microphone etc to film it all.

I’m just reaching out to the community to see what people think.

I was thinking I’d need to also crowd fund the money to have the footage edited and I got a shock when I got prices back.
For go pro editing I’m looking at £214 for 20 mins raw footage which gives about 4-6 minutes of edited footage. 60 mins of raw footage is £449!

Perhaps there would be a way to get this project funded?
Or perhaps people out there would like to get involved in the creative aspects of developing the content etc.

I have no idea how this all works so that’s why I’m reaching out in the hope someone out there has knowledge, experience or contacts that could help.

I do give talks at schools but my passion is being able to give closed door talks with kids in residential care/foster care and those going through difficult times.  It’s amazing because the children identify with my life before and they see where I am now.  Even though I think I’m one of the un-coolest humans on the planet mostly because of odd socks and holes in clothes young ones think I’m pretty cool.

Anyway – if you know anyone who would be interested in this or who could put me in touch with the right people please feel free to forward on this email.

Thank you!  Ishbel.

World Bike Girl.

Me cycling