Slugs Make Me Scream, France

The words I’m in a youth hostel tonight, won’t mean much without an explanation of last nights shenanigans with slugs in my tent.

I awake in my one man tent at 2 am needing a wee.  Unzipping the tent, I jump out sticking my feet into my sandals. Squish.  Too my fckn horror a huge slug is wedged where my wee toe goes.  I freak out screaming and kick the sandals off into the field.  I and so seriously freaked out and back in the tent I keep wet wiping my toes.  Over and over.  I put my legs into my sleeping bag only to feel a huge squidge against my leg.  I’ve never moved so fast.  It’s a gigantic black slug and it’s in my sleeping bag!!!  I freak out big time.  There’s no-one to save me and I’m screaming as I get rid of the slug.  I open the bottle of red wine stashed in my panniers and I get stuck in.  4 am and a finished bottle I am numb enough to go back to sleep.  In the same sleeping bag.  With slug goo that doesn’t come off.

Think that was an even worse moment than eating silk worms & grasshoppers in Thailand!

So I’m pretty delighted I have a bed tonight in a youth hostel.  Yaaaaas!!!

Ishbel, creator of World Bike Girl, has spent her life on bicycles, from road racing, to velodrome sprinting to cycling the world. She has pedalled across 20 countries solo and promotes commuting by bicycle. Much to the dismay of her friends, she is an avid wearer of socks and sandals.

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  1. Know EXACTLY what you mean about the slug juice! Done the same thing a few times and can shudder at the very thought. The goo takes days to scrub off! I mean, what exactly are these creatures made from and why are they even here!

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