Well done! You found Yoda the puppy a home.

dog 1

A few days ago Grant & Aileen Davies approached World Bike Girl about a remarkable story of holiday turned animal rescue.  Last week the Scottish couple were holidaying in Kas, Turkey and witnessed a puppy being thrown out the back of a truck.  Sightseeing was ditched and puppy rescue ensued!  Grant & Aileen took Yoda to a vets and went to great efforts to ensure his safety, including covering all costs to get him to the UK.

But now they had to find him a home … and that’s where you guys came in.

Dog 4

It’s well known that the WBG community have a soft spot for animals and that we are a caring bunch.  A plea went out to share Yoda’s story.  And share you did with a wonderful home being found.  Congratulations to the Hudson family from Suffolk!  I’m super excited to introduce you to Yoda’s new family!  As always, comments can be left in the reply box at the bottom of this page.

Well done everyone!

Bev Hudson & daughter Melissa can’t wait to have Yoda with them!

Bev and Melissa

Husband Paul with Bev – he’s delighted.

Hubby Paul and Bev

Yoda’s brother Ben!


Yoda’s brother Alfie!

Alfie Real

And Yoda’s sister Ellie … opening her birthday cards … hadn’t known dogs could read Bev!

Ellie Opening Biirthday Cards

A massive well done and great appreciation to everyone who shared the post below and to those who offered homes.

This happy ever after ending to a wonderful selfless rescue by Grant and Aileen belongs to each and every one of you!

Read the Yoda’s Rescue Story here


Scottish Words

Dear Readers, Firstly I want to say thank you for being a part of this journey, through the highs and the lows and the times of silence when I am just not able to get internet access. There’s a couple of updates on the WBG website I’d like to share with you. I’ve updated Lucy’s page on the website, which includes

No Escape from Taromsa

  Still full from last nights extravaganza of Iranian dishes, I feel a small sense of horror to be wakening up in Taromsa at dawn to the sounds and smells of Mohmeni preparing breakfast.  Taromsa in the morning sure is a pretty occurrence as the video below shows: I am skilled in obeying Iran’s etiquette of accepting food on offer