Mother & Daughter Cycle the World!

To celebrate International Women’s Day, I am sharing with you all this week, the WOMEN I find inspiring.

First up I want to introduce you to a Mother and Daughter who TOMORROW are embarking on a world tour on their bicycles!  You WILL want to follow their journey on their website and blog: [ilink url=”” style=”note “]Points on a Map [/ilink]

Heather is 44 years old and her daughter Patty is 19 years old.  They are from Sacramento in California, USA.

Heather was a Cardiac Sonographer of 14 years (performs ultrasound examinations and stress testing of the heart) and gave up her job and sold her house to make this dream a reality.

Heather contacted me last year when she was in the planning stages of cycling the world and I was immediately in awe.  I just think it’s wonderful that a mother and daughter are going to cycle the world together!

On the eve of such an epic adventure I had questions for Heather and I’m sure you’ll be inspired by what she had to say.

What made you decide to give up your career, sell up and embark on a world adventure?

I grew up with a Mom that was nomadic and had always wanted to travel, I assumed that I would have to wait until I was much older and envisioned a full time RV/Caravan lifestyle.  However, in February 2014 my Father’s sister died unexpectedly during a routine surgery and it made me realize that nothing is guaranteed.  She always spoke of the traveling she would do when she was finally retired and she never made it.  It was then that I realized that I was not going to wait any longer to live the life I wanted.  I would find a way to make it happen.  I was tired of working 6 days a week to afford the life, house or things/possessions that I never had the time or energy to enjoy.

How did Patty come into it?  Were you thinking at first of doing it solo?

Yes, I first planned to go alone.  I have three children (two boys, Andrew and Michael and there’s Patty).  The boys were grown and living on their own, only Patty was still at home.  Because of her age (17 when I started planning) I felt uneasy leaving her just yet.  I decided that she should come too, a gap year, at first she said no as she was in LOVE with a boy. 🙂 When that crush ended, and her friends were all telling her she was crazy if she didn’t take advantage of this opportunity, she jumped on board. (more…)

World Bike Girl 2017

Happy New Year Everyone! Get those bucket lists out and mark your calendar when the next item is being ticked off. Time passes so quickly.  1 month gone already! I have 3 bucket list items I’m ticking off this year …  … so life for 2017 is looking something like this; Adventure Achievement is nothing.

Review: The Kibo Bicycle

Review: The Kibo Bicycle Stanforth Bikes I used the Kibo from Stanforth Bikes to ride 5000 km of Chile & Argentina, 2000 km across Bolivia and another 2000 km across Brazil. Included in this ride was crossing the Andes Mountain Range, the high altitude Bolivian Altiplano, the worlds largest salt plain – Salar de Uyuni, the Atlantic Cloud Forest,