Arriving in Tehran


I realized I was the only girl on the plane not dressed in Hijab as the wheels touched down on Tehran’s runway.  The seat belt sign was temporarily ignored as I jumped up to get my clothing.  I was nervous and excited, incessantly checking the scarf was still in place on my head, as I weaved my way through the airport.  Although the Hijab is compulsory in Iran, women can wear a scarf of their colour choice or the traditional black Hijab.

The map I fashioned for my visit to Iran consisted of 3 dots on a piece of blank lined paper.  The dot in the middle was marked Tehran.  The dot to the north marked Couchsurfing and the dot to the south marked Airport.  Walking around a not so crowded arrivals lounge, I began asking one of the most shamefully used phrases in the world,

“Does anyone speak English?”   (more…)

Benim adım Şanslı

To Read in English Click me Benim adım Şanslı (Lucky). 6 aylığım ve kangal meleziyim Lucy gibi. Ben koşucuydum köpek yavrusuyken ve de distemper hastalığına yakalanmıştım. Bize koşucular denir çünkü bizler sahipsiziz ve de bir parça ekmek uğruna koşan köpekleriz. Diğer iki koşucuda da distemper hastalığı vardı. Çoğu köpek ben hastayken benden uzak durmak için