Notice of Lucy`s Death (Website)

Lucy died unexpectedly in my arms on the 26th March 2015.  It was a shock for me and a shock for everyone involved, including all who followed our journey from afar.  Your patience is greatly appreciated during this time as I know you all shared a bond with Lucy too.  I have expert opinions based on the autopsy and am awaiting the official test results and report which I shall share with you as soon as I receive them.

The last blog posts of her life and our journey together will be published once a place has been reached in my grief that allow the words to be written.  The next blog post is proving especially difficult to write just now because it’s such a happy one.

There may be no need, but I do want to apologise for the delay in this message to you.  It was a struggle to go back onto my website and when I did on the 7th April I just couldn’t write this.  I am new to blogging and I had absolutely no idea I had subscribers who were not on World Bike Girl`s Facebook page.  For this I am sorry.

It`s been truly wonderful to share with you an animal as amazing and exceptional as Lucy was.  I wish the ending of Lucy`s story was a happy one but it`s not and I can’t do anything to change that.  I now look to the future and take comfort in the street animals around the world that Lucy`s Legacy will help.

Thank you

WBG xxx

Ishbel, creator of World Bike Girl, has spent her life on bicycles, from road racing, to velodrome sprinting to cycling the world. She has pedalled across 20 countries solo and promotes commuting by bicycle. Much to the dismay of her friends, she is an avid wearer of socks and sandals.

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  1. Lucy`s chance to live a Live in a Home with a Family who love her, like you, was so near…. and I´m so sorry that she passed away. That’s not fair… but that is the real Life… so many “Things” happend and we can`t understand why. Sometimes we understand later… R.I.P Lucy … so many People will not forget her. She was the “Voice” for the Turkish Streetdogs. All they need Love and Peace and of course a Home. Thanks for rescued her.

  2. Fue lo mejor que le pudo pasar !! aunque por poco tiempo , conoció el amor de verdad el amor que le brindaste !!! siempre vas a estar acompañada , hay un angelito que va a seguirte por el resto de tus días !!!Besos desde el corazón!!

  3. So true what Tony said you gave her the best life and for that she was truly grateful.I wish you all the best in your travels who knows whats round the corner maybe you might make another huge difference in someone else’s life along you way…Good Luck Carla..x

  4. To know unconditional love like lucy did is a goal in itself i like yourself lost my dog jed in feb he was a rescue had him for 3 years and died in my arms aged 6 great loss but to know we gave them unconditional love is a great comfort i salute you keep strong xx

  5. I can only second what Tony has already said…Lucy experienced great happiness since meeting you, Ishbel, Don’t ever forget that. xx

  6. You only did what your heart told you to do, and for that reason, you gave lucy one thing…unconditional love…and you will remember that until the day to leave to go and meet her again. So for now Ishbel…it seems that you have a “mission’, “reason” you are where you are…and that said, go and carry on! And keep us posted please….

  7. Yo sigo muy apenada con la muerte de lucy.seguia vuestra hermosa historia desde el principio y la veia tan feliz y contenta que cuando me entere de su muerte me puse muy triste.lo siento tanto y tengo tanto dolor. Para mi ishbel ere una persona maravillosa y que sepas que te sigo diariamente. Muchos besos.

  8. To know unconditional love before dying is something I wish for every living being whether human or animal. Also to be able to share that love together in a relationship and with the world as you did with Lucy makes it even more incredibly amazing.
    It will take time to heal and put the broken pieces of your life back together as I who have walked in similar paths before. Let nature, your friends, and family be your shelter and emerge with new strength once again.

  9. I think I must disagree that the end to lucys story was not a happy one. It may seem like that from your perspective, but I doubt her take on things would be the same as yours. She didn’t know she was undergoing quarantine in order to go to a family in the UK. So she can’t have had any sorrow over not getting there. She had been rescued from life as a street dog and given comfort and love and friendship. None of which she probably would have previously experienced. What a wonderful thing for her. And to die feeling that kind of love in your final moments sounds like the best thing anyone could do for any creature….human or canine!

    I’ll shut up now!


    1. Absolutely spot on Tony….. beautifully written and has me sobbin in to my latte while my tri-pawd street dog from Romania cuddles in close to me. Two years she’s been with me. She’d never known love only pain and cruelty yet her love for me and her siblings, both furry and human is powerful. Cassie was a broken fragile lil gal who still suffers ptsd bless her but is a completely different dog now. She’s confident, stubborn, happy and sooo loveable its beautiful to watch the changes. YOU gave your Lucy real love and she loved you back…she was your lil gal (no disrespect to her uk family intended xx) Though it is a complete devastatingly cruel heartbreaking blow to have lost her, she did die knowing that you were with her, that you loved her. She didn’t die alone in a shelter and unwanted. She had you….you had each other!!!! I am so very very sorry for your loss and i feel your pain though your words. Sending you my love and cyber hugs. RIP Lucy….xxx

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