Mother & Daughter Cycle the World!

To celebrate International Women’s Day, I am sharing with you all this week, the WOMEN I find inspiring.

First up I want to introduce you to a Mother and Daughter who TOMORROW are embarking on a world tour on their bicycles!  You WILL want to follow their journey on their website and blog: [ilink url=”” style=”note “]Points on a Map [/ilink]

Heather is 44 years old and her daughter Patty is 19 years old.  They are from Sacramento in California, USA.

Heather was a Cardiac Sonographer of 14 years (performs ultrasound examinations and stress testing of the heart) and gave up her job and sold her house to make this dream a reality.

Heather contacted me last year when she was in the planning stages of cycling the world and I was immediately in awe.  I just think it’s wonderful that a mother and daughter are going to cycle the world together!

On the eve of such an epic adventure I had questions for Heather and I’m sure you’ll be inspired by what she had to say.

What made you decide to give up your career, sell up and embark on a world adventure?

I grew up with a Mom that was nomadic and had always wanted to travel, I assumed that I would have to wait until I was much older and envisioned a full time RV/Caravan lifestyle.  However, in February 2014 my Father’s sister died unexpectedly during a routine surgery and it made me realize that nothing is guaranteed.  She always spoke of the traveling she would do when she was finally retired and she never made it.  It was then that I realized that I was not going to wait any longer to live the life I wanted.  I would find a way to make it happen.  I was tired of working 6 days a week to afford the life, house or things/possessions that I never had the time or energy to enjoy.

How did Patty come into it?  Were you thinking at first of doing it solo?

Yes, I first planned to go alone.  I have three children (two boys, Andrew and Michael and there’s Patty).  The boys were grown and living on their own, only Patty was still at home.  Because of her age (17 when I started planning) I felt uneasy leaving her just yet.  I decided that she should come too, a gap year, at first she said no as she was in LOVE with a boy. 🙂 When that crush ended, and her friends were all telling her she was crazy if she didn’t take advantage of this opportunity, she jumped on board.

What fears did you have?

Surprisingly, the biggest fear was if I could support myself and Patty on what our budget would dictate?  What effect would it have to abandon the security of my career?  What would I do when there was the “bad day” in a foreign country where I would most likely NOT be able to speak the language?

You’re leaving tomorrow – what fears do you still have?

Honestly, the only fear I have is merely a small thought in the back of my mind concerning our personal safety, but it is honestly just a passing thought. It is not something that I continually dwell on.

What fears does Patty have?

Patty says her only fear is being separated (lost) from each other in a great big unknown country.

You’re leaving tomorrow – what fears do you still have?

Honestly, the only fear I have is merely a small thought in the back of my mind concerning our personal safety, but it is honestly just a passing thought.  It is not something that I continually dwell on.

What do people say to you about what you’re planning on doing?

For the most part people are enthusiastically supportive.  There are family members that express concern but are still supportive.  There is also a great deal of disbelief with many questions about HOW we will do it.  Also, many people express a bit of envy, saying they wish they could do something like this.  Others say “have fun, I’ll watch from the computer!” 😉

What experience of cycle touring do you and Patty have?

LOL!!!  I am almost embarrassed to admit this but we have hardly ANY.  Ok, basically 5 days.  In 2016 we first went on an over-night bicycle camping trip to try out our new gear then two months later we went on a 4 day trip cycling from Ft. Lauderdale to Key West in South Florida.  It was a total distance of less than 200 miles.  Sooo…. basically no experience.

Do you have advice for anyone on their fears that stop them from trying what they’d love to do?

I would say to jump in with both feet and GO.  What’s the worst thing that could happen?  You’ll hate it and you’ll have to come home and get another job.  If you are absolutely paranoid, try baby steps.  Start small and work up to it but YOU are the only thing holding you back.  We all have responsibilities, obligations etc… figure out what you want then put every effort into getting there.

What are your hopes for your blog and effect it will have on readers?

I hope that someone can derive some inspiration from what we are attempting to do and translate that into making THEIR dreams come true.  That’s what happened for me when I stumbled upon World Bike Girl and her incredible stories of self-reliance, independence and determination.

Do you have any thoughts on the mother/daughter aspect of your trip? One of the most inspirational things that drew me to you guys is that aspect.

Whilst I am sure I’ll always view her as my youngest, my baby.  This experience will be interesting in that we are going to face situations outside of our comfort zone and I will have to let go a little bit and allow her to be the adult she already is and not understand that she’s not a child in constant need of my supervision and guidance.  There will be times when she will want to go off with kids her own age that she meets in the course of this adventure and I have to trust in her abilities and sensibility.  She’s a smart cookie, this one.

Heather and Patty’s cycle around the world begins tomorrow!  Follow their amazing adventures by checking out their blog and social media.  Good luck guys!

[ilink url=”” style=”note “]Blog: Points on a Map[/ilink]

 Points on a Map




Ishbel, creator of World Bike Girl, has spent her life on bicycles, from road racing, to velodrome sprinting to cycling the world. She has pedalled across 20 countries solo and promotes commuting by bicycle. Much to the dismay of her friends, she is an avid wearer of socks and sandals.

11 Replies to “Mother & Daughter Cycle the World!”

  1. My older cousin, Heather inspires me. She was like my older sister growing up and to see her strength gives me chills. Watching her daughter, Patty develop into this independent woman is awe inspiring. I love these two and am so beyond proud that words can’t explain.

    I won’t lie, I’m also very worried. Knowing that Heather has SPOT now and it will notify her family back home her location twice a day helps.

    Lastly, to read that my momma’ death helped inspired her decision is something that I need to remember and think about. Tomorrow is never promised.

    Go Heather and Patty!! Put your mark on this world!!! Your family is at home rooting you ladies on and your aunt Voleen will be that bird you see over head, traveling at your side!!!

    1. I’ve cycle toured over 20 countries on my own without any device or means to notify others of my where a bouts and I’m still pedalling still adventuring still exploring. I can imagine how proud you are of them – I’m proud and I’ve never even met them! Know that I am always going to be a person who will get involved if help or assistance is ever needed.

      As you wrote … your Momma’s death helped to inspire this … and I know Heather and Patty will inspire people all over the world to follow their dreams … to take the jump into the unknown and take a chance … to make their dreams a reality. That’s a pretty awesome thing to come out of all this.

      All my love Ishbel x

  2. Heather and Patty come from a long line of strong, driven and independent women!! I’m so excited to see their journey!!! If anyone can do this and make it look easy, it’s these ladies!! Love you both!!! Be safe and show us the world!!!!!!!!!

  3. This is my big dister.. you sis are an amazing person and an inspiration to us all. I love you both so much ,and I cant wait for your safe return, so that you can regile us with the story of your amazing adventure.

    1. I was blown away by Heather when she first contacted me – they have no idea just how inspirational they are. Their trip will go big and they will inspire so many people around the world. xxx

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