Lucy did not die of Poison


I am writing this post for Lucy’s friends who knew her and loved her.  This is not written out of a place of self defense and is certainly not written to the people who spread such lies.  Lucy did not die of poison.  She cleared all toxicology tests in the governmental head testing facility in Ankara.  At the time of Lucy’s death, I wrote a post on World Bike Girl’s Facebook page that the cause of death could be a twist of stomach, ruptured intestine or poisoning.  How anyone can determine poisoning as fact from that is beyond me.  Yet people with one thing in common other than World Bike Girl began a social media campaign that Lucy died of poisoning, with some even saying I was responsible for her death.  I gave no attention to such accusations that had no source of truth and this is why perhaps such a rumour has spread.

I am writing this post because yesterday I was walking in Calis, where Lucy and myself spent so much time playing on the beach.  People who knew and loved Lucy stopped to give their condolences.  They had tears in their eyes stating how terrible it was that Lucy had died of poison.  This saddened me as I explained this was not the case.  Lucy’s toxicology results were clear and now we wait on pathology and the final report to be written.

For those who watched our story from afar, I ask you to refrain from judgment until I receive and publish the official reports.

One thing I learned in the early days of rescuing Lucy, which will stay with me and help in the rest of my life, is to be very careful of the good causes you support.  Not everything is always as it seems.  I do not want to encourage in followers of World Bike Girl such blind belief that allows such things to exist in the world.  I want the official results and report to tell you what happened.  Not me.  So unfortunately we still wait, after all, it’s Turkey Time we’re on 🙂

Now let’s go back to our special memories and knowing what a truly wonderful dog Lucy was.

Thank you

WBG xxx

Ishbel, creator of World Bike Girl, has spent her life on bicycles, from road racing, to velodrome sprinting to cycling the world. She has pedalled across 20 countries solo and promotes commuting by bicycle. Much to the dismay of her friends, she is an avid wearer of socks and sandals.

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  1. Some one who worked all her life to help animals wrote this in the hope of easing the pain of someone who’s pet had died

    Wherever your pet is laid, if the bond is strong enough, she will come back to you, along a remembered path, straight to your side again. And though no leaf is swayed by her footsteps, though no eyes but yours can see her, she will be there.

    Her grave – under the tree, beside a stream, in a little makeshift box – or wherever it may be – does not need a headstone, for she is in your heart forever. And that is where she would wish to be.

    After Merlin Andrew …..

    Lucy will be with you on your life’s paths for sure your bond was so strong.

  2. What matters is how we live (and you and Lucy lived life to the full whilst together) and what we leave behind – and as you say her legacy lives on xx Be kind to yourself – more so when others are not xx You do right to wait for ‘the facts’ post-mortem. xx RIP Lucy; Live each day in Hope (of good things and people) and Love Ishbel xx

    1. Thanks Robyn. It’s a good thing I have to go to Iran for a project – takes me away from everything and gives me space to regain clarity.

  3. Thank you for the update. Those of us who asked about poisoning wanted to know for sure that is not what happened. We did not blame you we just needed to know. I think we were all so heartbroken at Lucy’s death we reacted with pain. For it was quite obvious that Lucy loved you and had the best time of her life being your much loved dog. Those last months as somebody’s special dog most have been heaven for her. Thank you for giving her that and for continuing on in her memory to help other street dogs. She would be proud of you. My apology if my need to know about the poisoning upset you but somehow I had to know, don’t ask me why but it helps to know that was not the case. Something about caring for dogs and trying to protect them as you did I suspect.

    1. Hi Annie
      I am not upset by anyone who asked anything about Lucy’s death including poison. It was the fact a rumour had spread so much many people thought it was fact. Don’t apologise please there is no need – I’m sorry for my limitations of the written word in explaining myself 🙂 Thank you x

      1. You have no limitations on your written word! Your writings of your trip and especially the stories about Lucy’s happy days with you got us all glued to our computers to read more! Keep doing that we are all listening (reading) eagerly

  4. Thank you for the update. I’m crying all over again and really missing Lucy. I can only imagine how sad you must be. Be safe Ishbel and know we’re thinking if you always.

    1. If I’m being honest I don’t think it’s sunk in yet. It’s too much for my head to process. That she’s gone. She might be a dog but she let me experience unconditional love for the first time in my life. And now it’s gone with her.

  5. When a death occurs unexpectedly, humans have such a twisted way of projecting their own ideas as to the causes of fate without ever taking into consideration other people’s feelings, emotions, or consequences. I have followed your journey and then Lucy’s addition to your journey since first learning about it back in the States. As for the pathology, as a pet parent of 3 adorable fur children plus 2 fur nieces, an unexplained death needs closure for anyone including us. Surround yourself with the love and support of friends and family, continue your journey for yourself and Lucy, and know that the people that are truly your followers believe in you. Take care and may the warmth of the sun shine on you, the wind always be at your back, and the hills you cycle flatten as you ride.

  6. The problem with the internet is that it gives some sad people the opportunity to spread evil lies and rumours about people and things they know nothing about. I’ve seen it happen many times, totally innocent, caring, people victimised for no other reason than someone with self esteem issues is jealous of their popularity. You and Lucy caught the attention of thousands of people worldwide, and that upset a handful of people with nothing better to do with their time than sit behind a computer, making up lies about you. If these people spent half as much time actually trying to do some good, the world would be a far better place. You know you were in no way responsible for what happened to Lucy, and that’s all that matters. You gave her love in the last few months of her life and she was happy with you. You can take comfort from that. Good luck with your onward journey xx

    1. Thank you Mandy – I’ve learned so much about human beings just wish it wasn’t when I had been grieving Lucy xxx

  7. I take careless comments with a grain of salt and am glad that you do, too, darling woman. People tend to gossip and come to quick conclusions. So be it. Please know that many strangers (like me) love the dickens out of you, and continue to love Lucy. Please don’t give the reactionaries seriously. We move forward with you and look forward to your upcoming adventures. Love, Patricia

  8. I guess I ought to be surprised that people have jumped to their own conclusions and judged you but sadly this is all too often the case…and probably not just here. You have no reason to feel you have to justify yourself to anyone…Lucy was loved and happy with you and many of us know that is the truth. xx

  9. Glad to hear from you.and how can anyone think that you could poison the dog that you loved and even rescued.Everyone could see how special she was to you and you to her.Lucy was obviously very sick and you did every thing you could for her.I hope you are ok and coping with her must miss her as we all do.Take care.xx

    1. Hi Yvonne I don’t miss her yet. Sometimes it hits me and I feel the biggest amount of grief inside me and I cry no matter where I am. But then within minutes I pick myself up and carry on.

  10. Some people amaze me, such accusations that they have said. A vast amount of people know different and also all though we have never met you, you come over as a compassionate person and intelligent, that is good enough for me. xxxxx

  11. Some people are quick to judge even before they have all of the facts. What I do know to be true is that Lucy discovered a world where she was loved and cared for when before there was nothing. Her last months on earth were probably the happiest she had ever encountered. She has become the flagship for all street animals and is already making a difference to people’s perception and ignorance. All living beings deserve to be loved, they should be allowed to have their place amongst us unmolested by anyone. Look into the eyes of any animal and I believe we see their soul. Play on at Rainbow Bridge Lucy. x

  12. Thank you Ishbel for the update on Lucy’s death and I will watch your correspondence with interest when you publish the final results. I still feel so sad at her passing just as she was about to start a whole new life but as I said before she had a lovely, albeit short, life with you from the day you met her and you were by her side as she slipped away, which I’m sure comforted her so much. June

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