11 thoughts on “Lucy 26.03.15 

  1. kisses for you and Lucy!

  2. You were so lucky to have found each other. xx

  3. Lucy will always be remembered, I know you both loved each other to bits and it was to be that you met each other. RIP Lucy, she will be watching over you every day. xx

  4. Such a special dog. I always get tearful when I read about her. She had such wonderful adventures with you Ishbel, hold on tight to those memories. Sending love xx

  5. Bless you for loving Lucy, she was happy with you and so sad she was taken away so soon.

  6. My heart holds you close today and tonight as I feel your loss all over again. Her memories are what is your driving force in life now. Nothing but the love for life and adventure just like Lucy. Keep her close in your heart as you will never travel alone!
    Hugs from across the seas from me and my 2 fur babies.

  7. Anne marie russell says:

    At least she experienced love wen she met you Ishbel

  8. edna ballantyne says:

    and you were the best thing to ever happen to her İshbell.Dont you ever forget it.

  9. Sjanet de Jong says:

  10. June Higgins says:

    Awe Ishbel, every time I read anything about Lucy I cry my eyes out. She was such a special girl and you such a special person for caring for her. May her memory live on in the hearts of all who cared about her and I know she is on Rainbow Bridge always remembering you and all you did for her. God bless you. xx. June

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