I arrive in Tehran with the British Foreign Office advising against all but essential travel to Iran.  I sure wish I had listened to the warnings.  I spend 5 weeks backpacking Iran on my own.  As you can see from my photos, it was a very dangerous thing to do.

I mean, why on earth would anyone want to visit a country with one of the worlds oldest civilisations?




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The Iranians are expert in enjoying a cup of tea and cake in style.  This may be the only country in the world where the Starbuckers among us don’t go into deep depression without their vanilla shakers.  Below is a tea house in Shiraz.


There are no pubs in Iran.  Can you believe that?  There I am on a Friday evening, walking over a vast pink salt lake towards the sun set with friends.  Not a pint in sight.


point lake




Creativity is at the heart of Persian culture.  Their idolisation of architecture and art makes Iran a truly magnificent and fascinating country to travel.





Iran comes alive at night.  Even the children don’t go to bed until 1am.  The Persians are a sociable society and love nothing more than joining family and friends in the evenings, to wander the many parks and historic landmarks.




The best thing about Iran is of course the Iranians themselves.  They have a genuine love for human beings which sits on the surface of all social interactions.  Even as a stranger, you can be sure to be enveloped by this love should you visit Iran.  Laughter is important to Iranians and they’ll use their fun sense of humour at every given opportunity.  Iranians take great pride in their hospitality, which means the tourist is spoilt rotten in their country.  They absolutely adore foreigners.







Iran has always been a must visit destination for the independent traveller and you’ll bump into many other backpackers whilst in Iran.  With the recent developments of the nuclear deal a reality, a new tourism industry is ready to explode.  Still think it’s crazy to travel Iran?  Think again.  WBG xxx





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14 thoughts on “Iran

  1. erikastravels says:

    What beautiful photos of an amazing civilization I’d love to go to Iran. It is amazing how much fear people/the media can create about places. From everything I’ve heard though, Iran is an incredibly friendly and safe place tp visit.

  2. Teresa McGuigan says:

    Beautiful photos. Iran looks wonderful. Pity this is not what we see in the media. Love from Marmaris x

  3. Hi Great photos!! Where is the like button? BTW I collect beautiful photos and stories (also travel reports) on Iran on my blog; (long list of very diverse photos). Hope you enjoy my photos as well.

  4. Beautiful, all of it!!! The people, buildings & especially the pink sand 😀 ♡

  5. You are a vert brave womañ look after yourse

  6. Thank you for sharing, wonderful pictures. Sue x

  7. Amazing phtos and it shows you don’t need alcohol to have a good time.

  8. Mandy Elizabeth says:

    Beautiful pictures. It looks an amazing place. Such a shame that few of us will ever actually visit it. x

  9. Amazing photos Ishbel, especially the pink salt lake. That looks stunning. Beautiful architecture also so taking everything into consideration Iran looks a very interesting place to have visited. Keep posting your photos Ishbel, they are lovely to see and lets people like me see all these parts of the world that we would probably never see. Stay safe on your travels. June

  10. What beautiful pics. It would be so wonderful if the world could live in peace so that we could enjoy everyone’s different cultures.

  11. Richard Stevens says:


  12. Absolutely Stunning. I am in awe of your photographs, and grateful you choose to share them.
    How unfortunate it would have been if you had heeded the warnings.
    Adventure On.

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