World Bike Girl – Dogs in Brazil

Dogs in Brazil

Here is the incredibly inspiring story of Dogs in Brazil ….

The first video of a 4500 km bicycle ride exploring the world of Brazil’s street animals.


I want to say a huge thank you to al l the worlds animal rescuers on the frontline dedicating their lives to protecting animals.

5 thoughts on “World Bike Girl – Dogs in Brazil

  1. edna ballantyne says:

    Did you manage to leave without filling your doggy carrier then????????

  2. Super photos of you above and in the video. Poor wee animals. It doesn’t bear thinking about them starving to death with neglect. Be safe and have a great experience. <3

    • Thanks Jeanie – amazing what people around the world are doing to help other animals and humans …. just they are so busy helping they don’t have time to share their stories … there are so many good people in the world. xxx

  3. June Higgins says:

    Oh Ishbel, what a lovely video of the dogs in Brazil and what a great job Carlos and Jan are doing helping to save these poor dogs. All these good people who do so much for the neglected and injured dogs are amazing!! I wish you well on your travels and look forward to future videos that you post. I wish Carlos and Jan all the luck in the world and hope some kind hearted people will donate some funds to help them continue their excellent work. Stay safe. June xx

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