World Bike Girl Update: Cycling & Hiking South America

Cycling South America solo for four months now.

Pedalling through the most extraordinary landscapes of my world tour.

Walking over glaciers.  Drinking from waterfalls.  Marvelling at King Penguins

Hiking and cycling some of the planets most remote, spectacular and beautiful off road trails.

A solo tent.  A Kibo bicycle.  A world tour.  Sunset after sunset.  Sunrise after sunrise.

But this is no fairy tale.  It’s real life.  And there have been lows.  On Xmas day I was rescued in a snow storm, face and lips blue, in the utopia that comes to us all in those final moments of life.  People back home think I’m sunburnt in my photos.  I’m not.  My face is burnt from the 120 km head winds.  The toughest outdoor challenge of my life.

Cycling and hiking Patagonia; one of the remotest parts of Argentina and Chile.

Until now I haven’t had internet connection strong enough to publish my blog posts.  I’ve got four months of the highs, lows and the bits in between to share with you.

One blog post is now scheduled for publication each week:

Sunday 10 am GMT

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Hope you are inspired by the world as I am.

Life’s too short.  Follow your dreams.  WBG.  xxx

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14 thoughts on “World Bike Girl Update: Cycling & Hiking South America

  1. breathtaking…travel safe and happy xx

  2. Loving your photos Ishbel .you are looking so slim.keep posting photos and keep sue.x

  3. Awesome pictures Ish! keep them coming!!

  4. What fantastic photos Ishbel! You are some woman! You are looking fit and healthy too. Keep safe and stay healthy. xxxxxxxxx

    • Thanks Jeanie! Photos can be deceiving! I’ve been in hospital 3 times, lost 4 toe nails and had a blood infection which travelled up my legs since arriving to this continent. Still here, Still going. Still happy. x

  5. I still say ‘Hero’. 😉

  6. June Higgins says:

    Terrific photos Ishbel. Loving the puppy. Keep enjoying your travels and stay safe. Good luck. June xx

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