Iran’s Censorship

Iran’s internet is censored.  Facebook and Twitter are illegal.  Western news stations are blocked.  Websites must be approved.  I am only just finding a way to reach you guys.  The snap shot below shows the pop up when denied access to the many sites we take for granted in the West.

If you do not hear from me for periods of time do not worry, my silence is only down to censorship issues.  I hope to gain an understanding of the reasoning behind this as my trip progresses.

I arrived safely into Tehran 7 days ago and very quickly was embraced by the Iranian people, all ensuring my well being.

If you have any questions about Iran, please drop me a comment and I will cover this topic for you in a future blog post.

I am really looking forward to exploring Iran with you.

As always, thank you for being a part of my journey.

WBG xxx

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11 thoughts on “Iran’s Censorship

  1. Hi Ishbel. we Look forward to see you in our city.there are somethings interesting to show you here in our place.we sent you a pm, but you didnt respond.we gonna to be your host(with honnor) and introduce some views of our folke culture and history to you.Eli and Moz watching the road that you ll ride on to their small home.

    • Hi 🙂 Thanks so much for contacting me and thank you for your kindness 🙂 I shall look back at my PM’s 🙂

  2. June Higgins says:

    Hi Ishbel – I do hope you enjoy your stay in Iran and I look forward to hearing all about your experiences at a later date. Do stay safe and look after yourself. Good luck. June xx

  3. teenymo yacomini says:

    Keep Safe hun. Enjoy your journey. Lots ❤ Hugs Xx

  4. Glad to hear from you and looking forward to hearing all about your adventures. Take care. xxx

  5. edna ballantyne says:

    lovely to hear from you again.Dont know if you got the news about Yoda leaving for the UK on the 11th.Popped into see her and gave her loads of cuddles and chinny tickles from BOTH of us.Serkan shaving off his moustache tonight at the Animal Aid quiz.All donations going to the animals.!!!!Enjoy your journey in Iran.Good to hear the people are looking after you.There are many misconceptions of certain peoples over the world and unfortunately the iranians fall into this catagory.I look forward to reading about your experiences of living in their culture.Safe safe Hun.x

  6. Hi there ! I hope you see the wonderful architecture of the mosques, and are able to share some pictures of the inside, especially the ceilings. Safe travels ! Look forward to reading your blog when u are able to post.

  7. Hope you are well and keep safe.Yes keep us in touch as best you can.Take care.xx

  8. oh Ishbell stay safe, keep us posted of your where abouts!!!!

  9. We do take many of our ‘freedoms’ for granted especially in the western world and never open our eyes to the restricted lives other people are living. Thank you for sharing these differences during your journey, so we may understand more.
    Safe travels.

  10. Safe travels Ish…miss you

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