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The Adventure Syndicate

International Women’s Day Celebrating Women who Inspire [ilink url=”” style=”note “]The Adventure Syndicate [/ilink] The Adventure Syndicate is a one stop website full of inspiration and encouragement from female cyclists up to all sorts of incredible adventures.  These women want to inspire, want to encourage and want to enable other women, young or old, to realise what

Mother & Daughter Cycle the World!

To celebrate International Women’s Day, I am sharing with you all this week, the WOMEN I find inspiring. First up I want to introduce you to a Mother and Daughter who TOMORROW are embarking on a world tour on their bicycles!  You WILL want to follow their journey on their website and blog: [ilink url=””

World Bike Girl 2017

Happy New Year Everyone! Get those bucket lists out and mark your calendar when the next item is being ticked off. Time passes so quickly.  1 month gone already! I have 3 bucket list items I’m ticking off this year …  … so life for 2017 is looking something like this; Adventure Achievement is nothing.


  [stextbox id=”ValidID” caption=”CaptionText”]World bike girl – a journey by bicycle for human and animal rights[/stextbox]   Ishbel HolmesIshbel, creator of World Bike Girl, has spent her life on bicycles, from road racing, to velodrome sprinting to cycling the world. She has pedalled across 20 countries solo and promotes commuting by bicycle. Much to the

Review: The Kibo Bicycle

Review: The Kibo Bicycle Stanforth Bikes I used the Kibo from Stanforth Bikes to ride 5000 km of Chile & Argentina, 2000 km across Bolivia and another 2000 km across Brazil. Included in this ride was crossing the Andes Mountain Range, the high altitude Bolivian Altiplano, the worlds largest salt plain – Salar de Uyuni, the Atlantic Cloud Forest,

Top 10: Things I Miss When I’m Cycling the World

Cycling the world on my own is every day a new experience of foreign cultures, landscapes, cuisines and languages but what do I miss most when I’m out on the road? The Top 10 Things I Miss When I’m Cycling the World are:   The People I Love Understanding what People Say to Me &

History of Cycling; Women and Social Revolutions

The history of women and cycling is a fascinating subject for all women who love riding their bikes. But it’s also essential in understanding why there are women in the world today fighting for their right to cycle. The greatest cycling movement for western women took place in the 1890’s of the Victorian era. This