World Bike Girl Live Video Facebook Event: Thu 26th Oct 2017

I’m on a strict deadline for submitting my book to the publishers!  Hence why its very quiet on here!

 I’m hosting my first ever live video session from Brazil via the World Bike Girl Facebook Page.

World Bike Girl Live Video Event (Session 1)
Thu 26th Oct 2017   (Local times below)      

  I shall be answering any questions you have about my experiences of cycling 20 countries on my own.

You’ll also get to meet Maria and Murphy, the two street dogs I rescued whilst cycling across Brazil.

Local times of World Bike Girl Live Video Event (Session 1)

Thu 26th Oct 2017        

9 pm London/Glasgow/Edinburgh
6 pm Rio de Janeiro
11 pm Istanbul
7 am Sydney
9 am New Zealand
10 pm Germany
4 pm New York
1 pm Los Angeles
3 pm Texas
3 pm Quebec, Canada

The Dark Clouds of Brazil

I’m going to be honest.  It’s not all rosies.  I began cycling Brazil feeling very low.  And that hasn’t changed.  As I pedalled away from Rio de Janeiro’s sunshine, the sky grew dark, the rain storms came and Brazils’ winter weather matched my own inner world.  In a country where I didn’t understand even five […] Click to continue reading →