Murphy’s Rescue


I was told by a vet that Maria was healthy, but I had a bad feeling and was cycling her to Dogs in Brazil shelter, some 400 km away, to get a second opinion I trusted. Read Maria’s Story Here.

A few days into our journey I passed through a tiny village and stopped by the roadside to drink water. A big black dog, with a goofy smile on his face and tail wagging, was on his belly with both paws stretched out in front, inching his way playfully towards Maria.

Just as I had spotted an open wound on his head, Maria bared her teeth and growled a warning and he ran away scared. Eager to get Maria to Dogs in Brazil, I thought about getting on my bicycle to continue, but I knew an open wound left untreated, was serious for a street dog in a tropical country because of the likelihood of maggot infestation. I had already witnessed horrific cases from dogs rescued by Dogs in Brazil.

I decided to search for the black dog and walked my bike and Maria back through the village to make sure he was okay. I eventually found him and at first he cowered away from me. I could see he was missing an ear and in it’s place was a hole into his head, which had infected gunk oozing out. One of his eyes was injured and he was infested with ticks and fleas which covered his whole body. The stench coming from him made me gag.  (more…)

Maria’s Story

Brazil is the only country I’ve bicycle toured so far, where I didn’t feel safe enough to wild camp and it was this reason I arrived at night to an empty campsite in Marataizes; a seaside town 500 km bike ride north of Rio de Janeiro famous for it’s pineapple plantations.  The petrol station I

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Full Spec: Kibo Bicycle

  Full Specification  The Kibo Bicycle Stanforth Bikes FULL DESCRIPTION FRAME & FORKS – COCKPIT – TRANSMISSION – WHEELS – BRAKES – FINISHINGS – GEOMETRY Frame & Forks Hand built in the UK with lugs. Frame – Reynolds 631, Forks – Reynolds 525 Headset Tange Levin Shifters SunRace R90 LH friction & RH indexed 9 speed Rear Derailleur Shimano Deore XT Front derailleur